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Selecting a Stateroom

When cruising Alaska, we can offer savings for all staterooms, including interior; however, if it’s within with your budget, we definitely suggest you splurge on a balcony stateroom. This is the itinerary where you will use a balcony more than any other. There is so much to see from your balcony each and every day.

Though there are many public decks onboard cruise ships sailing through Alaska, waking up to coffee or a room service breakfast on your balcony overlooking a wall of glaciers is not to be missed. Perhaps a glass of wine before dinner would also be a perfect beginning to the evening’s entertainment on your balcony.


Princess offers some of the most affordable balconies for Alaska cruises because of the design of their ships while some of the luxury cruises feature ONLY staterooms with verandahs.   

When choosing a stateroom, it is also wise to pay attention to what side of the ship it's on.  


  • If sailing Northbound, choose a stateroom on the starboard side of the ship in order to have good views of the mountains rolling by and the small seaside towns the ship will past.

  • If sailing Southbound, choose the port side of the ship to see Alaska's mainland scenery from onboard.


There are re­al­ly on­ly four ba­sic stateroom types: (Below are stateroom images of the Celebrity Solstice cruise ship)




SUITE ($$$$)

Kim's Tip!
It's wonderful to see the beauty of Alaska from the comfort of your stateroom - imagine waking up to that view!
Most days, it feels as if you could reach out and touch the towns that you are sailing by. In Alaska, there is always something to see. Think of it. The captain announces that there is a pod of whales portside you look out your window or step out onto your private balcony to see that spectacular sight. Alaska is truly the one destination where an ocean view stateroom or balcony is the preferred option.
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